Ultraviolet Communications creates unique, functional and timeless brands. Our philosophy is that people buy what they trust and see value in. We believe that a good brand helps with sales but a great brand sells itself. Not sure what branding is and how it differs from logo design? Read this Article.


Ultraviolet Communications has a unique selling formula that we share with our clients. Our formula ensures that our clients effectively communicate the value of their offering and see an actual difference in their business. We identify the opportunity or problem, present suitable solutions and find out how to add value.


Ultraviolet Communications has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing, digital solutions, website development, and digital campaign management. Here is a collection of case studies from our completed projects. We ensure that our clients are covered across major platforms on the internet.

Why We Do Digital!

Ultraviolet Communications’s Passion

One of the major reasons why digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels is because the internet has enabled businesses to interact with targeted audiences in real time.

Customers have grown accustomed to engaging and interacting with one’s brand or business.

Another equally important reason is its affordability. Digital marketing is infinitely more affordable when compared to traditional marketing channels.

An email or social media campaign can send your message to a wider audience for a fraction of the cost of a TV advertisement for example.

Even if your business is already thriving, you may be missing out on an untold number of leads, partners, clients and dollars if you are not properly utilizing some simple digital marketing techniques.



Ultraviolet Communications is a marketing agency located in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia. We have over 7 years of experience in marketing, strategy, communications, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

We work with startups and large corporations. We create, develop and manage brands.



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