Ultraviolet Communications has over 7 years of experience in strategy development. We consult on all types of businesses from startups to corporate and through multiple industries from FMCG, travel, and hospitality to Feminine Hygiene products.  Our philosophy is that success comes through value creation. Our strategies are developed through our 3 step process.


Ultraviolet Communications runs comprehensive research and then develops a creative communication solution in the form of a marketing campaign. The campaign can be on a single platform, such as digital or multi-platform spanning across digital, print and active media. Our team consistently monitors and reports progress throughout the campaign.


Ultraviolet Communications creates sales strategies and systems that help our clients reach their goals. We also encourage our clients to train their sales staff through our consulting programs to ensure that leads are not wasted but converted. We also implement staff within our client’s company to assist in the conversion of leads generated.

Our 3-Steps

Ultraviolet Communications operates on the 3 step principle:

Step 1 – Identify and understand the problem, challenge or need to be filled.

Step 2 – Present a viable solution. Fix the problem or show that the product in had solves this problem.

Step 3 – ADD VALUE, show that you product/service/ solution does more that solve the problem but also improves the lives of people.

Ultraviolet Communications is a marketing agency located in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia. We have over 7 years of experience in marketing, strategy, communications, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

We work with startups and large corporations. We create, develop and manage brands.



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